Monday, 21 March 2011

Promotional USB Flash Drives

Want to have a great way to promote your business to potential customers? Everybody loves a freebie but if the freebie is something that you would use everyday then your name is going to always be in their face.

USB Flash Drives are great because they are not only highly useful, they look good and will really leave a lasting name for you. There are some many types to choose from depending on you target market.

The Twister Series is stylish and practical to use. It is the highest selling model and you can understand why. It is very simple and does what it says on the can.

The Credit Card USB is great because it can be stored in your wallet and gives a different edge. Whilst it's more expensive, it gives more of a wow factor. On the down side it's not as easy to use so may not be used on a day to day basis.

The Wristband USB combines style with practical use. Probably more targeted toward the younger market, you can just imagine kids going to school with these on their wrists. As soon as friends start asking about them, the craze will start!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Promotional Sweets and Personalised Chocolates

If you are looking to provide Promotional Chocolates to you clients to boost brand awareness then look no further than the sweet-team. With a large portfolio of products including, Personalised Chocolates, Personalised Sweets, Promotional Chocolate Bars and Personalised rock.

Minimum order is around 500 pieces.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chalet Cookery Courses

If you are planning a ski season and think you are handy in the kitchen but are scared you haven't quite got what it takes to be a chalet chef or host then keep reading...

Chalet Academy are running Chalet Cookery Courses which are specifically tailored at training you in everything that is needed to become a chalet chef or a chalet host. What is more, after your training course they will do everything they can to get you a winter job and guarantee you an interview.

And what better location for your course, Chamonix is the adrenalin sports Mecca of the world.

Don't keep dreaming about it, live the dream!

For more information view the Chalet Chef Cookery Course website

Underfloor Heating

So, exciting times. We are just about to get the keys on our new apartment. It is the ground floor of Maison Balmat - yes Jaques Balmats old house!!

WE will have no water or heating so all hands on deck to get this sorted as soon as we move in.

I have been researching all types of heating options and we have definitely decided to go with Underfloor Heating and the guys at floorheater seem to do a fantastic DIY underfloor heating system.

Pictures to follow very soon.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cheap Ugg Boots

OK so it might still be the height of summer but it is nearly time to start thinking about the autumn wardrobe and where better to start than your feet! Cheap Ugg Boots are definitely the way forward. Beeplugged will help find you that ideal pair of cheap Uggs

Ski Chalets in Chamonix

What goes up has to come down! Chamonix chalets witnessed some of the most incredible rises in prices that even knocked the socks off the London Market. The prices of apartments and chalets in Chamonix Literally went through the roof.

Well after a good year of sitting around doing nothing, finally we have started to see a slight drop in the market. I say slight as that is the average price levels but in some case chalets in chamonix and ski apartments in France have dropped their prices incredibly.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Catered Chalets in Chamonix

Booking your holiday to Chamonix can be a tiresome effort - so many properties out there but which one will suit you best? Do you really need catering or would it be better to have a chef that would cook for you 3 nights a week but hey I want my cooked breakfast every morning! And then there is the hassle of booking your ski hire and sorting out lift passes - do I really want to traipse all the way around Chamonix to get all that? Hell No - I want it all arranged for me and that's exactly what the guys at Arctic Beaver will do for you. Visit Chamonix Catered Chalets or Self Catered apartments in Chamonix and let the guys at Arctic Beaver do the rest.

Chamonix Self Catered and Catered Chalets and Apartments